underlined: The Manchester Print Fair

Moving to Manchester for the first time last year we felt comfort knowing that the art scene is as (or maybe more) bustling and colourful as anywhere in the UK [read London].

Discovering The Manchester Print Fair has just really highlighted what we [at hello.north] already knew and solemnly believe; Manchester is THE destination for growing artists.
The community here is a welcoming one. With enough confidence and willingness to simply meet new people connections and collaborations flow, and beautiful things begin.

On Saturday 10th of December some of our team took part in a Christmas Pop-up Show organised by The Manchester Print Fair. The event took place at B.EAT STREET MCR in Deansgate and was a wonderful opportunity for some creatives to showcase and sell some of their work.

Our prints were sold alongside some cool Mancunian names, such as JIVE, Caroline Dowsett, our lovely friends over at Poor Pals Club and many many more.

The most wonderful thing is that the fairs are not just a one-off but quite a regular deal.

To find out more and keep up to date with The Manchester Print Fair check out their website: http://manchesterprintfair.co.uk and link up on social media @manchesterprintfair



image credit: http://manchesterprintfair.co.uk


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