underlined: Sian Matthews

For this week’s ‘underlined’ we speak with Sian Matthews – 3rd year illustration student at MMU, and currently the artist in residence for Limbo Radio.

We got a chance to catch up with her in the studio for a quick chat about her practice.


So Sian, tell us how you got into illustration.

“I’ve always drawn – I started with textiles at Nottingham Trent but realised it’s not my kind of jam – it wasn’t me.” Even though 5 months into the course Sian decided textiles is not the exact direction she’d like to move in it still plays part in her process. Moving from Nottingham Trent to Manchester Metropolitan to pursue illustration she admits she still uses textiles in her work “It’s still part of my background.”

Any current projects?

“Right now i’m working on a calendar” – it’s not Sian’s only project. Being the busy bee that she is, she’s also working on a book and this week she is creating an image a day for Limbo Radio.

Tell us a little about your methods.

“I don’t create on a daily basis – i’m too impatient, I used to be more patient when I was younger but your mindset changes all the time. I think ahead to what the final thing before doing all the work and that makes it hard to work in a sketchbook I make my own now.



And what inspires you?

“I love artists that do things along my sort of aesthetic”. Sian showed me briefly through her pinterest, exposing works that intergrate many elements she uses in her practice.


 texture     colour     clean look 


Sian doesn’t like her work to be too hectic, she likes having the option of space. And her work definitely shows that.


Juan Miro, David Hockney, Tallulah Fontaine are just some of the artist’s that she mentions.

What are your plans for after uni?

“I’d like to further my education for a little bit longer but I’d like to do more artist in residence and maybe freelance. I’d have to get myself know a bit first I think”.

Applying for a masters in January we’re sure this is only the beginning for Sian’s creative future in the industry.

And to finish off, favourite colour?

Coral red.



Catch Sian on instagram: @sharn_em


image credits: Sian Matthews and hello.north


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