hello to: Collective

This week, we’re saying a warm hello to our friends over at Collective; a regular meet-up of brains bursting with ideas to share.


It all started with Will Barker and Rory Spencer. They met when helping out with decoration for Pangea festival.

“He asked me when I last drew anything, and all I could think of were these sheets of doodles, that explained concepts in population genetics”. Will further explains him and his housemate would draw when revising for final exams.

So Rory and Will come up with this theory of how explaining abstract concepts to various people becomes so much easier once drawing is involved.

“It was amazing that so much information could be explained in a couple of squiggles.”

And really, it all began right there with this single conversation. Collective was first brought into light in Will’s front room of his shared house, where just a few of his and Rory’s friends met up to talk ideas.

Illustrators, fine artists, science and maths geniuses, all gathered in one space, collaborating [ in a way ] and talking for nothing more but the sheer pleasure of gathering and sharing new information.

Now meeting up on more occasions Collective grows steadily, attracting a bigger and wider audience.

“We would love more people to attend, and not just students! The aim of Collective for me is to meet people without having to go through the pain and boredom of small talk, you can jump straight to something interesting. And it doesnt matter what you do, you will know something that others find interesting. The challenge is just how to draw your idea/knowledge on a sheet of paper, which can be scary – but we are a welcoming bunch.”

And worry not! The doodles from each session don’t go to waste, instead they are gathered and then turned into GIF’s so that they remain accessible and remembered 🙂

To keep up to date with their events follow Collective on facebook: right here


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