hello to: ​Bobby Bowyer

For this week’s hello to, we have approached Bobby Bowyer, a young graphic designer from that place down south called London or something ( yeah, yeah, we know it’s not all that bad… ) but currently based in Manchester.

Here is a little Q & A. Happy  reading!

Tell us briefly about yourself- introduce yourself

My name is Bobby Bowyer and I am from southeast London. I am a third year graphic design student at the Manchester school of art.

How did you get into graphic design?

From my time during my BTEC that’s what I told myself I wanted to ‘specialise’ in. I’m not sure why I thought that considering I was better at the more fine art mediums. At the time all I really knew about it was the branding and advertising side of it. Which funnily enough, now, is the side of graphic design I’m least keen on. I reckon once I’d experienced graphic design at a more ‘professional’ context at foundation. I thought that graphic design was the best platform for me to try and experiment with different art forms and it still is.

What are you working on currently?

I am currently working on a project looking at the beauty in banality. I am experimenting with the concepts of accident, mistake and lack of control and how I find the beauty within them. This is something that runs through my work and is something I want to celebrate. 

What inspires you to create- do you do it on a daily basis?

Pretty cliché really, I go to galleries often and I’m a huge film fan. I have a lot of interests and these inform my work. You come into contact with all forms of culture on a daily basis, so without sounding incredibly pretentious, life inspires me.

 Where are you going after uni?

I’m not sure if I’m honest, but that’s half the fun for me. I might be moving to Italy and I’ve got some studios in mind that I would like to contact over there and here.

Favourite artist?

Well, some of favourites are Mark Rothko, Francis Bacon, Robert Rauschenberg, John Stezaker, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso.




Photo by: Bobby Bowyer





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